Sweet Pizza Smoothie


Those of you, who thought pizza slices and sugar are the main parts of my recipe, are misled. Sorry. I admit, with that title one could come to such a conclusion, but let me guarantee you – I had not in mind to put you on.

The story behind my sweet pizza smoothie is rather unspectacular. Thanks to this super delicious Green Smoothie recipe I found the perfect basics for my fruit shake. As a paleo bananas, avocados, almond and coconut milk have become my best food buddies which I am basically storing at home. The refrigerator, however, looked a sight. It wasn’t prepared for my spontaneous breakout that day, and offered only leftovers containing a quarter of grapefruit, a lousy watermelon offcut, two beetroots. My freezer turned out to be more generous, and it surprised me with some ingredients of on-going smoothies and dinners: frozen berries and spinach.

So, let’s go pizza and stuff everything into the blender. Soft fruits and milk go first, the frozen ingredients at last.


–       1 banana

–       ½ – 1 avocados

–       200- 250 ml almond milk

–       2 handfuls of frozen berries (I used strawberries, raspberries and blackberries for the smoothie)

–       ¼- ½ grapefruit

–       3- 4 small slices of watermelon

–       1-2 small beetroots

–       a small handful of spinach

–       tsp honey

–       a dash of lemon juice

–       coconut cream (for the topping)

Wohl bekommt’s!

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